DuraVinyl Marine Flooring Monterey Series High Density Felt Backing 8.5' Wide


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DuraVinyl Marine Flooring Monterey Series High Density Felt Backing  8.5' Wide

DuraVinyl Marine Flooring is a new, high-performance woven vinyl flooring. Offering 6 different patterns and collections with 34 fade resistant color options to give any boat, old or new, a brand new look. DuraVinyl is made with a high density 1/4" felt cushion backing, allowing increased air flow for faster drying ability and remain cool to the touch. Stain resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and extremely easy to clean. DuraVinyl is available in an 8.6” width and cut to order. 

  • Antimicrobial

    Soil and Stain Resistant

    Mold and Mildew Resistant

    Appearance Retention

    UV Stable and Fade Resistant

    Easy to Clean

    Unaffected by Sea Gull and Spider Defecation

    Faster Drying

    Stays Cooler

    Exceptional Strength and Durability

    Rated for Heavy Commercial Traffic

 This vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for any marine or residential application where weather resistance and durability is a must.  Perfectly suited for boats, yachts, pontoons, RV’s, decks, docks, basements, garages, workshops, home gyms, patios, playrooms, man-caves, poolside, etc.  Also well suited for commercial applications such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail, sports venues, health clubs, etc. 

 DuraVinyl's Monterey Series is available in 6 color choices to coordinate with any color scheme or decor. 

 This flooring can be installed either as an area rug or by direct glue down that can be made to appear seamless.  Adhesive/Seam Sealer is sold on our website.

  If you don't see your desired length listed, please contact us to place your custom order.


Samples available upon request !