Ezy-Glide Hydraulic Fluid


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Ezy-Glide Hydraulic Fluid for use in Hydraulic Steering Systems

This is for 1 quart.

We recommend  HydraGlide™  Hydraulic Steering Fluid for use in your
Ezy-Glide™ Hydraulic Steering Systems. 

HydraGlide™ Hydraulic Steering Fluid by Ezy-Glide is a high quality, low viscosity, anti-wear hydraulic oil specially developed for use in industrial and mobile equipment. 
It has a very high viscosity index and a low pour point.


HydraGlide™  Hydraulic Steering Fluid may be used in hydraulic systems where the equipment manufacturer specifies a MIL-H 5606 type fluid. It is not recommended for aircraft use. 



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