Hydro-Turf Sheet - 40" x 62" in Solid/Marble/Camo

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$9.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

  Hydro-Turf Sheet in 40" x 62"
for PWC & Boats

Sheets may have some small holes. This is a natural occurrence in EVA material.

Add 3M Self-Adhesive for easier installation! 

Available in three different designs: Flat, Cut Groove, Cut Diamond

Flat: Brushed surface on one side.

Cut Groove: Straight lines and grooves run length of sheet.

Cut Diamond: In an effort to produce a smaller diamond,
1"-2" in the corners may be missing grooves. Marble sheet size is a little smaller at 38" x 59"

All designs have colors available in: Black, White, Gray, Dark Gray, Royal Blue, Deep Blue, 
Purple, Black Marble, Royal Marble, Purple Marble, Green Camo, Blue Camo and Snow Camo.

The following colors are available but are NOT covered by warranty as they are proven to fade: 
Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink and Yellow Camo
(please call us if you'd like to order these colors)



Expedited shipping options are NOT available for Hydro-Turf Sheets.